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Our Culture

Our company is made up of a lot of great people that come from all walks of life. While we may have diverse backgrounds we share a common and unique culture that defines who we are:

Be Humble
In this age of brash big business, we still see ourselves as a relatively small car wash and lube company trying to do the right thing. Being humble sets the tone for our entire company and keeps us from letting our egos run amok. It’s also a good trait to have if you want to be in the service business!

Be Hungry
As the fastest growing car wash company in the U.S. we’re hungry for more. Our vision is to be the best at what we do - and while we’re far from being perfect, this quest for continuous improvement keeps our highly caffeinated management team on the trail pursuing new growth opportunities.

Have a sense of urgency
When you walk onto a Mister Car Wash lot, you’ll feel a certain energy that you don’t feel at other stores. Our people walk with a sense of purpose and march to a very quick drum. This sense of urgency translates into speedy service that allows us to deliver a full service car in 15 minutes or less.

Never be satisfied
We believe that there’s always room for improvement in everything we do. We also realize that most good ideas come from the guys and gals on the front lines that are closest to the action. As a result, we encourage new ideas from everybody and have created a program that we call Non Financial Objectives (NFO’s) that have resulted in hundreds of great improvements over the years.

Be Happy
One of our overarching goals is to create a work environment where team members are happy and enjoy what they do. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if your people are happy, they’re usually more productive and more likely to deliver “wow” customer service. It all starts with our General Managers who set the tone for the entire store. They’re encouraged to be fair, have empathy, care, show respect and have a little fun along the way!

Be Professional
Let’s face it, our industry suffers from an image problem and at times the job can be less then glamorous. When you layer in the physical demands of being on your feet all day and working in extreme weather conditions we know that this business isn’t easy. But because we’re on “stage” all day serving our customers, we need employees that look good, feel good, and treat our customers like the guests that they are.

Have fun
We try not to take ourselves too seriously and encourage a little outside the box zaniness every once and awhile. While we can’t force anyone to smile, we know that if we hire people, give them the right training, and create an environment where people can be themselves, we know it’ll translate into a fun atmosphere.

Be Safe
Our lawyers would scold us for not placing this rule at the top of the list but it goes without saying – safety is always our #1 priority and we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is trained properly.


mister car washBrand Promise

The Mister Car Wash brand represents a promise that our customers will experience the following on each and every visit:

Clean facilities
We are passionate about maintaining the cleanest facilities in the industry. From the tunnel, the walkways, to the farthest corner of the lot, we work our tails off to keep it clean throughout the day. In fact, we’re so over the top on cleanliness that we require our bathrooms to be cleaned 3 times per hour!

Clean, dry and shiny
Everything we do begins with quality. Delivering a clean, dry shiny car consistently takes a lot of hard work but we know that if we don’t deliver a clean car, everything else is for naught. As a result, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and won’t let our customers leave until they’re happy.

In this day and age, time is one of the most important things for our customers. Because of this, we’re committed to delivering a full service wash in 15 minutes (or less) and an express wash in 5 -7 minutes. By hustling on those busy days, we’re also able to maximize throughput and generate more volume then the average car wash.

Customer Service
At the end of the day, we are in people business serving car washes rather then the car wash business serving people. This important distinction keeps us focused on our customer. The quality card is like the entry ticket into the dance, customer service is where we get to “wow” them by encouraging our associates to smile and show that they care.

We try to differentiate our products and services by delighting our customers with unexpected things like free popcorn and coffee, comfortable waiting areas, super clean restrooms and satellite music. The combination of these series of events, make up the entire car wash experience which we call “moments of truth”.



  • We began with a single store in Houston, Texas in 1969
  • In 1996 Car Wash Partners Inc. was formed
  • In 1997 Car Wash Partners acquired 3 car washes in Boise, ID
  • In 1998, Mister Car Wash in Houston was acquired by Car Wash Partners adding 11 car washes and 6 lube centers and the NEW Company embarked on a growth trajectory.
  • In 1999 Ron Peterson became C.E.O.
  • By late 1999 Mister Car Wash added 10 car washes and 1 lube center in Minnesota, Iowa and Houston
  • In 2000 MCW added another 9 washes and 5 lube centers in Minnesota, Austin, TX, Boise and Washington
  • By the end of 2005 MCW had 33 car washes and 11 lubes
  • In 2006 4 more car washes are added
  • In 2007, Mister Car Wash was purchased by Canadian private equity firm ONCAP.
  • By the end of 2007 MCW added 21 car washes and 7 lube centers in Florida, El Paso, TX, Alabama, Houston and Mesquite making it the second largest car wash chain (units) in the U.S.
  • Today, we are the largest car wash and lube chain in the industry operating 74 car washes, 28 lube centers, 102 sites in 17 markets in 9 states.



We believe that having a strong pipeline of future leaders is critical to the ongoing success of our company. Most of the leaders within our company have started at the bottom and worked their way up. At the center of our universe is our General Managers who are responsible for all aspects of a stores success. Everything we do as a company is focused on how to help our General Managers excel in their jobs.

1. General Manager

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Able to meet and exceed established volume, revenue and EBITDAR goals by continuously seeking ways to innovatively improve the business
  • Able to attract, recruit, develop and incent star performers at every position while simultaneously recognizing and developing incumbent talent
  • Trains and develops people through constant feedback, direction, refresher classes, performance evaluations and recognition
  • A Leader, Coach, and Mentor that puts the right people in the right place at the right time and nurtures their talent
  • Proactively manages labor by striking the optimal balance between having the right amount of staff on hand to deliver superior results
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements and company policies and procedures
  • Ensures that safety and security are emphasized, practiced and periodically inspected, and that employees are trained in appropriate responses
  • Performs required administrative duties, which includes processing, in a timely manner, required paperwork for the corporate office, and meeting deadlines



  • Great attitude with a high level of motivation and a desire to accumulate income
  • Highly energetic and able to exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to 10 hours in length and have the stamina to work in hot, cold, and wet environments.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills with a passion for growing a business.
  • Eagerly willing to learn and adapt in an ongoing commitment to growth and development
  • Good mechanical aptitude and a willingness to “get your hands dirty” by fixing equipment when something breaks down


Minimum Qualifications

  • Work a flexible 55+ hour workweek that includes weekends, every other Sunday and  some holidays


2. Customer Service Advisor

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • SMILE!
  • Acknowledge each customer within 10 seconds of their arrival
  • Recommend extra services that will protect and enhance the beauty of their vehicle
  • Check each vehicle for pre-existing damage and notify the car owner and the site manager of any possible damage that could occur due to a circumstance with their car (i.e. loose mirrors, bumpers or scratches)
  • Invoice each customer accurately for all services ordered and be sure to enter the correct license plate when doing so
  • Make sure customer is familiar with the Drive–On procedure for that site (customers drive their vehicles trough at some washes and in others they get out of their vehicles prior to the wash)
  • Remind each customer to observe all instructions and warnings
  • Make sure all sun shades, sunroofs and windows are in their proper place to prevent damage



  • Great attitude with a high level of motivation
  • Highly energetic and able to exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to 10 hours in length and have the stamina to work in hot, cold, and wet environments
  • Strong leadership and communication skills


3. Customer Care Representative

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • SMILE!
  • Acknowledge each customer when they enter the lobby
  • Recommend customer programs that best meet the customers washing habits
  • Give each customer 100% of your attention
  • Create a positive “feels good” experience
  • Be pleasant and courteous at all times
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Complete the customer’s transaction as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that proper cash handling protocol is followed at all times
  • Assist all new customers by answering questions concerning the wash process
  • Follow all opening and closing procedures
  • Straighten and arrange all merchandise so that it is appealing to the customers
  • Make sure that fresh complimentary popcorn and coffee is available at all times



  • Great attitude with a high level of motivation
  • Highly energetic and able to exert great customer service for periods of up to 10 hours.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills.


4. Production Crew Member

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • SMILE!
  • Perform required tasks (vacuuming, cleaning, driving-on cars, etc.) with high efficiency
  • Follow all safety regulations
  • Be able to work well in teams
  • Attend safety meetings as required



  • Great attitude with a high level of motivation
  • Highly energetic and able to exert great customer service for periods of up to 10 hours


    Pay & Benefits

    In order to be the best, we recruit the best. And we take care of our team members – from pay and benefits, to discounts and perks. Our goal is to be highly competitive with other companies and provide individually tailored compensation packages that can be comprised of competitive salary and bonuses.

    We offer the following benefits for most of our fulltime employees*:


    • Competitive pay (salary or hourly rate)
    • Commissions or Bonuses
    • Direct Deposit
    • Referral Bonus


    Health and wellness

    • Medical insurance
    • Prescription plan
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Short Term Disability
    • Life and AD&D Insurance



    • 401(k) Plan


    Time away

    • Paid Time Off
    • Paid Holidays: 5 per year


    Beyond basics

    • Free Car Washes
    • Discount on Oil Changes
    • Ongoing Training


    *Note: Benefits vary depending upon location and are subject to change without notice.


    Training & Development

    MHUThe Mister Car Wash tradition of leadership begins on the very first day as your guided by your manager who will help expand your understanding of our company, the business, and how to succeed. Throughout this process you will be challenged to push yourself to advance your learning and accelerate your career as rapidly as possibly. We’ve designed our training curriculum around those that want to grow professionally and take on more responsibility.

    Our basic training is anything but basic. We’ve taken each position developed core learning modules and programs using a variety of innovative formats including web casts seminars, computer based simulations and interactive role-play scenarios (and yes we have the obligatory manuals as well!). Our certification process is the most intense in the industry but upon completion, you’ll be considered one of the best!

    Our training program is structured
    along three key positions:


    • MHU offers candidates thought-provoking and comprehensive training through a series of self-paced e-learning courses along with rigorous hands-on training by some of the top professionals in the industry.
    • 1 week in every position in the store (8 weeks total)
    • 1 week classroom training
    • 90 day Leadership Development Program
    • Customized on-the-job unit level experience
    • Mister Hotshine University curriculum (example)
    • Prioritize location needs to improve people, customer service, quality, profit, and sales
    • Develop the skills to lead others to operational excellence in service quality, product quality, and maintaining your tunnel equipment
    • Use appropriate tactics to develop a high performing team
    • Diagnose and correct factors leading to poor wash quality
    • Develop skills in leading teams
    • Translate e-learning training into action plans

    Customer Service Advisor

    • 1 week classroom training
    • 2 weeks hands on training
    • 90 day evaluation period

    Customer Care Representative

    • 1 week classroom training
    • 3 weeks hands on training
    • 90 day evaluation period


    A Day at Mister Car Wash

    The Car Wash business is unique due to its direct influence from the weather. Every day is different but regardless of the situation we have a commitment to our customers to deliver the same quick service with exceptional quality each an every time. As a Mister Car Wash team member you’ll be expected to:

    • Clear I-9 verification and pre-employment background checks*
    • Learn the culture of Mister Car Wash and go though position specific certifications.
    • Work on your feet most of the day mostly outdoors and in all climates
    • Be prepared every day– show up to work on time, with a positive attitude, dressed appropriately in your uniform and name tag and a smile
    • Be friendly and smile
    • Have high energy
    • Interact with customers– customer service is top priority
    • Smile
    • Work well with others- TEAMWORK
    • Know the company products and services and be able to make honest recommendations to your customers
    • Work safely
    • Smile
    • Work variable hours, including weekends and most holidays
    • Acknowledge that hours are not guaranteed– if the weather is bad, you might be sent home early
    • Have a commitment to contribute to the success of the business
    • Be eager to learn
    • Did we mention… SMILE
    • *Depending upon the store and position


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our growth strategy is centered on acquiring car washes and lube shops and bringing onboard the vitally important employees to run the business. The following frequently asked questions are the ones we hear most often from employees that were part of a new acquisition:

    Q: Are there plans to eliminate jobs as part of an acquisition?

    A: No. In practical terms, it's not like we have a large pool of Managers that could come in and run your store. There are, however, some instances where, for example, there'll be some redundancy in general and administrative duties and as a result some cuts -- but those are the exceptions.

    Q: Will my pay be affected?

    A: We strive for and are hopeful of being able to improve the compensation programs for Managers, CSA's, and Cashiers by introducing performance based incentive models that help these key positions grow their income -- as the store grows. For example, our General Managers typically receive a monthly bonus on the total EBITDAR their store generates without any qualifiers or hurdles.

    Q: What about the benefits that I currently receive?

    A: Our comprehensive benefit package is position specific and in most instances more robust than what you're typically enjoying. We take great care when comparing former benefits to our program and attempt to keep people whole when possible.

    Q: Will there be opportunity for advancement within Mister Car Wash?

    A: Absolutely. In most every acquisition we've made, there have been some really great people with a lot of talent, knowledge and expertise that have become key members of our management team. In fact, the majority of our management team has been built from the businesses that we've acquired.

    Q: I had vacation accrued with my company, will I lose it?

    A: Not typically. Although it depends somewhat on the nature of the acquisition, your former employer is normally responsible for paying you for any unredeemed vacation time earned.

    Q: What changes should I expect immediately after the acquisition?

    A: Our goal from a customer and employee standpoint is to make the changeover as seamless as possible. Therefore it's typically business as usual as prior to the acquisition. Changes that we do make are expected to be communicated well in advance to affected people so that everyone understands the rationale behind the change and is fully on board.

    Q: What if I have a concern or issue that my immediate manager can't answer? Who do I go to?

    A: We want to be very proactive in communicating clearly at all levels. However, sometimes things may inadvertently slip through the cracks or get misunderstood. If your immediate manager is unable to answer a specific question, we have an employee hotline and an e-mail address where you can send in your questions for us to answer.

    Q: Why do I have to re-apply for employment at Mister Car Wash?

    A: It's typically an onboarding formality to make sure we have our administrative "ducks in a row". For instance, this allows our Human Resources Department to do such things as accurately manage matters like paychecks and benefits.

    The answers to the above questions should be used as a general guideline but are not meant to be the official policy of Mister Car Wash as each acquisition has unique circumstances that may force us to alter our position. All answers are additionally subject to change without notice.


    Thoughts from the Team

    Randy Nicholls, District Manager, Tampa

    The day I heard Mister Carwash was acquiring Carwash Headquarters, I had a great feeling of relief and that of excitement. Although I was very happy with my previous employer, I also had become complacent due to their slow implementation of change and no growth. I knew that Mister was among the top of the industry leaders and was headed in the direction of growth and improving their culture.

    After Mister acquired our locations, they started first in the Florida Region and at my location. The first year was pretty tough learning a new system and culture. The initial support came primarily from Mike Hogan the Vice President of the company. Mr. Hogan hit the ground running first thing in the morning with our Area manager Don Toms and our team at the location. Our maintenance guys along with Mister's guys started tearing out the old and putting in the new. It took a little over a month, with a few 80-90 hour plus weeks, a lot of time away from home, a little blood sweat and tears, but in the end was worth it all. The store looked great and our staff including myself found a new understanding of "taking it to another level" and gained a higher sense of urgency when it comes to day to day operations.

    I have now been in the car was industry for over 13 years and with Mister for over 3 years. This company has made me a better manager because they give us autonomy and teach us to run our businesses as if we were the owners. The managers have accessibility of all information and a great support team.


    Rich Brousseau, Area Manager, Minnesota

    I started my life in car washing back in high school and at that time I didn’t know I would be able to make a career out of it. My primary ambition at that point was to put a few coins in my pocket. My first job was at Bloomington Speedy Car Wash and I worked there for about 3 to 4 years, moving up from production to a supervisors role. I heard of a car wash that was paying more money for production than I was making as a supervisor at Speedy’s, so I went to work at The Wave Car Wash. I worked there for over 13 years, working my way up through the ranks to a GM position. With The Wave I had reached as far as I could grow within the company being a GM.

    11 years ago the owner of The Wave walked up to me and told me that we had been sold and the new company, Mister Car Wash, would be taking over in a week. At that moment I think my heart skipped a beat. I knew we had been for sale for a couple of years, I just didn’t think that it would ever happen. To say the least, I had a couple of sleepless nights. I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this company, Mister Car Wash? What are they about? Is there a place for me?” I had a lot of anxiety not knowing a lot about them and what my future held.

    Looking back now, I can say that all of that anxiety and fear I had was a waste of time. The passion that I have for car washing matches the company’s vision. The hardest part of the transition was just to figure out the new way of doing certain things vs. the way we used to do things at The Wave. Mister Car Wash had the transition planned out and offered help whenever needed, which made the process easy to get through.

    As I have worked for Mister Car Wash over the years, I have been a GM at a few different sites, always working hard to improve them, as well as my future with the company, and through my efforts I have seen the rewards. I have since worked my way up within the company to a position of Area Manager overseeing 7 sites and working towards moving to next level of my career. One of the things that I enjoy about working for this company is that they are always striving to make you become a better manager. As managers, the company has given us many tools and made resources available to enable us to reach our goals. There is also an openness to share ideas back and forth from the managers no matter what state or region you work at, to help improve the performance for the sites.


    Ben Melendez, District Manager, El Paso

    I started with Vintage Car Wash back in July of 2003 and instantly fell in love with the car wash business and knew that without a doubt this is what I wanted my career to be. Within 7 months of working I became General Manager of my first location. The next four years of my career were spent learning what I thought was the proper way to run a car wash from the previous owner and it was “with an iron fist”. I ran my car washes the exact same way that the owner had done for years and I was a mirror image with both good and bad.

    In 2007 we were called into a mandatory meeting with all of upper management and office personnel. As it turned out, the owner was selling the company to a company called Mister Car Wash. My whole future flashed in front of my eyes. I had just gotten married, my wife worked for the same company, we had just bought a house and we were financially stable so I thought that this might not be good news- what was going to happen?, who was Mister Car Wash?, was my job secure?, what about my pay?, what about the promises of promotion and increase in pay that was promised to me by the owner? … so many questions unanswered. It was then that I knew that I needed to do what I needed to do and put myself on the map with this company and show them just how good I was to secure my job.

    Mister Car Wash promised us that no ones jobs were at risk and that this would be a great experience for all of us. They were right, it has been amazing. Mister Car Wash opened a new world to me and changed my whole attitude. Mister Car Wash taught me e better way to manage my employees who are the backbone of my operation. Not only did they give me the best chemicals that provided me with the cleanest, shiniest car I had ever seen but they also provided me with endless tools to better myself as a General Manager. They also provided me with financial information about my site that I had never seen before. This ownership of my store that they entrusted in me to manage made me into a new type of manager. It’s almost as if the store was mine and I was given the opportunity to make it grow… so I did and that made me say “WOW” and with that I was sold, this was the company I wanted to grow with.

    I have become a TRUE manager, leader, mentor and all around better person because of the opportunity Mister Car Wash has given me. When it was Vintage Car Wash I used to say that running a car wash was like orchestrating chaos but because of the Mister Car Wash philosophy of providing excellent quality, fast service, and a friendly atmosphere now I tell people I orchestrate a symphony.


    Eric Lewis, General Manager, Tampa

    After working for Octopus Car Wash for over 12 years under the same ownership and location, the “Mom and Pop” type operation became comfortable. P & L's, Financial Statements, Quarterly Reviews and Action Plans were not expected by General Manager's. Monthly bonuses were a mystery figure unlike what I see now. I was very nervous of what the new company and “corporate world” expectations were to come and if I could do the job that was now weighing on my shoulders.

    The first 90 days were long and hard with the new company policies, culture and renovation of the building and equipment upgrades. We washed cars during the day and worked on the equipment at night- with no down time making for some very long and tiring shifts. At the end of the process, my location was much more beautiful which my customers and employees appreciate.

    Mister Car Wash gives management the tools and resources needed to ensure your job can be done at the industries highest level. I feel very privileged to be a General Manager with Mister Car Wash. I have made my career in this industry for over 20 years and what a great mark on my resume with running a location with Mister Car Wash, the best ran operation in the industry.


    Don Toms, Area Manager, Florida

    With any Acquisition comes thoughts of uncertainty but on the flip side comes opportunity. Being in the car wash business for over 30 years and experiencing two acquisitions prior to becoming part of the Mister Car Wash Team has turned out to be a great opportunity in many ways.

    Mister Car Wash is a company that is passionate about being the industry leader lead by a group of peoples all sharing the same passion and vision. Providing a tool box of many years of hands on experience from the management team out in the field, resources to keep our facility's image far beyond industry's standards, continuous improvements toward developing services and training with the goal of providing the ultimate guest experience, sharing financial information with location management to effectively run their locations towards developing an owner attitude.

    If you are an individual with heart and passion looking for a career, not just a job in the car wash industry, Mister Car Wash is the company with the tool box and experience to provide you that opportunity.

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