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Welcome to the Mister Car Wash family! We are excited to add two new Wasatch Front Mister Car Wash locations; one in Park City and one in Layton. Our two new locations will offer Express Exterior car wash services with FREE self-serve vacuums available to customers.

We’d like to take a moment to tell you about some of the new and exciting additions we will be making to your car wash experience.

Same Great People
Most important, what hasn't changed are the same great people delivering the same great service you were already enjoying. We believe we are people serving people, and washing cars is simply an added bonus. We strive to go out of our way day in and day out to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Coming Soon - Unlimited Wash Club

UWCWe are pleased to soon be offering our Unlimited Wash Club at these two new locations. Our Unlimited Wash Club provides members with unlimited worry-free washing for one low monthly fee. Enjoy the speed and convenience that membership brings with no long-term contract. Members can wash as often as they like at any Mister Car Wash location and feel good knowing they're always driving a clean and shiny car.

What to Expect
We invest significantly in our tunnels and our chemistry program to ensure we provide you with the best car wash available. The use of our proprietary chemistry system together with the latest in car wash equipment enables us to deliver a consistently clean car.

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What to expect

New State of the Art Equipment and Technology - We pride ourselves on having the most advanced car wash equipment and technology in the industry.

what to expect

New Cleaning Solutions -
Our ultra-safe Unity® chemical system has been designed to get a clean, dry, shiny car every time.


New Extra Services

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new services

Original Hotshine™ Carnauba Shield -
Our unique patented system is designed to blanket your vehicle in a waterfall application of Carnauba Wax for an unbelievable shine in no extra time.

new services

Wheel Polish -
Protective coating against road grime & brake dust. Enhances the shine on chrome, polished & alloy wheels.

new services

Repel Shield -
For improved visibility and clarity. Watch the water repel right off the surface of your car.

new services

N1 Protectant -
Helps further protect your painted surfaces from the elements and extend the life of the protectants on your vehicle while providing a long lasting shine.

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