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Mister Car Wash Home

July 1 - 15

Since 2010 this program has raised over $280,000 in donations for local Humane Societies and Rescue League organizations. We hope to make Paws-a-thon 2014 a huge success as well, with YOUR help!

From July 1st to July 15th, paws will be sold in our car wash and express lube locations. Paws support local animal shelter organizations in their efforts to save animals’ lives. In-store paws are available for $1, $5, or $10.

Donations will go a long way:

  • On average, it costs $12 per day for cats and $20 per day for dogs to be housed at the shelter while waiting to be adopted

  • $5 will microchip one dog or cat

  • $10 provides flea control for 7 animals

  • $20 provides vaccinations for 4 cats

Donating is fun for the whole family! Customers who donate will have the opportunity to paper our car wash walls with their paw.

In-store donations will receive an exclusive offer from Mister Car Wash on their receipt.

Find your nearest Mister Car Wash location
and make a difference in an animal's life today!


Donations Benefit:

humane societies


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