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We offer a comprehensive array of lube services!
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Cars are a large investment for our customers. It’s our job at Mister Express Lube to help you maintain your vehicles to get long lasting value, dependability, performance and safety. Proper preventative maintenance will help avoid more costly repairs in the long run. Educating our customers is our priority.

Q: What type of oil is best for my car? [click for answer]

Q: What do filters do? [click for answer]

Q: How can I improve my fuel economy? [click for answer]

Q: How can I help reduce emissions? [click for answer]

Q: What do I need to know about transmission fluid? [click for answer]

Did you know driving habits affect how often you should change the oil? If you drive in stop and go traffic, have a lot of short commutes, heavier loads (cargo or passengers), drive in extremely hot or cold weather, or in dusty or salty environments - you should change your oil more frequently.